Practical ability is no longer judged by a single practical investigation/ISA in year 13, you will complete 12 required practicals throughout your A-Level studies. Your teacher will assess you along the way and you have to demonstrate competancy in a range of skills.

The Competencies:

The Practicals:

Required practical 1 – you need to make a standard solution. Once made, you use this to complete a titration. Now you can calculate the unknown concentration. This practical tests lots of skills particularly to do with accuracy and following instructions carefully.

Required practical 2 – Measuring an enthalpy change. Use q=m c ΔT then find the number of moles involved. There are lots to try but I always do combustion of alcohols. This way we find energy transferred, mass -> moles of alcohol burned to get enthalpy of combustion. We can then look at experimental errors and equipment inefficiencies

Required practical 3 – Investigate how the rate of a reaction changes when the temperature is varied. This can be done with acid at different temperatures being added to marble chips whilst collecting the CO2 given off in a gas syringe. Better still, Sodium Thiosulfate and Hydrochloric Acid will cause the formation of elemental sulfur. Time how long it takes for the solution to become opaque enough so a cross is no longer visible beneath.

Practical 4 – Testing for anions: Cl, Br, I, OH, CO32- & SO42- and cations from group 2 metals and NH4+. You may test for other ions just to expand your experience but the ones listed are crucial. As well as conducting these tests, you must learn the methods, the reagents involved and the positive results.

Required Practical 5 – Coming soon

Required Practical 6 – Coming soon

Helpful resources:

Chemrevise have an excellent practical PDF

MaChemGuy on YouTube – (not just practicals)

Another YouTube resource – Practical playlist