Merry Christmas

I know it is a little early, but we are very close to breaking up for our Christmas holiday. I received a very unnecessary but very much appreciated gift from a fabulous former student. It is certainly very festive. Many thanks and have a great Christmas.

Rates recap

With year 11, a quick recap on the factors affecting rates of reaction. These two demonstrations showed clearly that a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide gives a faster reaction (elephant’s toothpaste).

Higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide = faster reaction

Then we added zinc to a high concentration acid (orange balloon) and a low concentration of acid (red balloon) and waited for the hydrogen gas to form. Once again, high concentration filled up first.

New intake challenge

At the end of the school year, despite not being able to meet any of the new students coming up to our school because of the lockdown restrictions, I challenged them to capture images of the night sky. Here are my first . The comet Neowise, images taken 20th July 2020 from my garden in North staffordshire.