Work to be completed during the week commencing 18th May 2020.

All work is available via remote access for the school. It can be found in samples\science\working from home.


The Water Cycle.

Begin by watching this video , the first 2 minutes and 20 secs are on the water cycle, the rest is a review of the Carbon cycle that you did last week. Then complete the work on the school’s shared area, there is a PowerPoint and 4 tasks at three different levels, basic, intermediate, and higher (pick the level that challenges you). There is a fifth task for higher students.


This week we are finishing our topic on the rates of reactions. Higher students need to begin by working through the PowerPoint on Le Chatelier’s principle, use video 1 and video 2 to help you answer the questions on the PowerPoint. Everyone needs to look at the rates of reaction activity mat, make sure you can answer all of the questions, use the work you have done over the past few weeks to help you. Finally, you need to complete the rates of reactions quiz, this is online and will give you a mark as soon as you submit your answers. Then have a go at the exam questions, I have included the mark scheme so you can mark your own answer and see where you may have lost marks.

When done, complete this online quiz.


This week, there is a new video carrying on your topic of forces. The worksheet can be accessed here.