Work to be completed during the week commencing 8th June 2020.

All work is available via remote access for the school. It can be found in samples\science\working from home.


This week, you need to complete the task on the image below, make sure that you push yourself.

Completing the work on the school’s shared area, there is a PowerPoint and six tasks, at either a basic, intermediate or higher level, choose the level that is appropriate for you


This week we are looking at hydrocarbons and specifically Alkanes. Use the PowerPoint to find out about the structure and general formula of Alkanes, then fin out what the four smallest alkanes are called and write their formula and structure. Watch this video to check your answers. Finally use what you have learnt to complete the worksheet.


This week, your lessons about forces have moved into acceleration. Watch your lesson on acceleration and have this worksheet open as you go through the lesson.