All work is available via remote access for the school. It can be found in samples\science\working from home.

“A species is considered to be a group of organisms that can reproduce and produce fertile young “. This is the start of one of the worksheets set in the samples area. You need to log into the school samples drive and complete the sheets. As you are all super keen A-level people, we would like you to expand your knowledge and do some independent research. Here are two videos that you should start with: Video 1 and Video 2

This is the perfect time to increase your knowledge and understanding about the work of the World Health Organisation and the transmission of the Corona Virus. Like HIV the virus has receptors that bind to specific cells in the lungs. This enrichment reading is excellent as background work to your studies surrounding how viruses replicate and spread.

For the worksheets, you need to watch the video of Surface Area to Volume ration.