Work to be completed during the week commencing 29th June 2020.

All work is available via remote access for the school. It can be found in samples\science\working from home.



This is part of the Cells Biology Topic (the very first one that you started in biology back in September). 

The Oak academy have produced an online lessons which you could to to complement my lesson. Also watch Osmosis required practical video

This video would be helpful to watch  There is an experiment you can carry out at home with your parents permission.
Complete the work on the school’s shared area, there is a PowerPoint and six tasks, at either a basic, intermediate or higher level, choose the level that is appropriate for you.


This week is a research task about alloys. Find out what an alloy is, the names and special properties of a range of alloys, what different metals are used to make these alloys and be able to explain why the alloys have special properties that the initial elements did not. Ensure that you know about steel, brass, bronze, solder, amalgam and some smart alloys.


Year 9 pupils should watch this video and then complete this worksheet:

There is no alternative sheet this week for year 9, but you can access the main sheet in the samples area.