Work to be completed during the week commencing 30th March 2020.

All work is available via remote access for the school. It can be found in samples\science\working from home.


Now that you are experts in the structure of the heart, you need to watch this dissection video and be able to link it to the three types of blood vessels.


This week, you need to focus on the physical and chemical properties of group 7. When done, look at displacement reactions. Finally, group 0. What are their properties, why are they so nonreactive and what are they used for?As always, information and worksheets are available in the "samples-science-working from home" section.


Following on from last week, look at these two videos about circuits: Series circuits and Parallel circuits. Then read through the PowerPoint in the samples area. Next, log into Seneca Learning and complete the "electricity 2" assignment.

Challenge yourself with these rather tough challenges at Isaac Physics.