On each of the GCSE topic pages, I have added tier 3/subject specific terms. You will meet these words regularly in science and it is important that when you visit the pages, you are aware of them, what they mean and how to use them in sentences to answer questions.

On exam papers, examiners assume that everyone understands the words that they use on the papers. Below, I have been adding workds that students in my class have found confusing, check that you understand them and please tell me any that you find so that I can add them.

Tier 2 words that cause confusion:

  • Products – things being made
  • Composed of – made up from
  • Finite – limited amount (opposite of infinite)
  • Transition – to change from one another
  • Consequences – what happens when something is done
  • Transmission – passing something on e.g. a virus
  • Uniform – all being the same
  • Engulf – to surround and cover