New intake challenge

At the end of the school year, despite not being able to meet any of the new students coming up to our school because of the lockdown restrictions, I challenged them to capture images of the night sky. Here are my first . The comet Neowise, images taken 20th July 2020 from my garden in North staffordshire.

Science outside the classroom

Make sure that you are taking the opportunity to look at science around you. Last night, I took these photos and stacked them into one. The International Space Station over Newcastle.

Careers update

While you are off, don’t forget to continue thinking about your careers. In tutor time, you have been working hard on your plans for the future so don’t let it go now. Start by looking here.

UK schools to close.

The process of setting up support for students to work from home has been accelerated when it was announced today that schools will close to the vast majority of pupils on Friday. It was also announced that summer GCSE and A-Level exams will be cancelled.